Here are the rules: (1) Every weekday (Monday through Friday) a new word (the “WOD”) will be posted to the blog as a new message.  The message will consist of a single word in the title (for example, the first word was “Secret”); (2) Anyone who wants to participate should take the word and incorporate it into an original story, poem, essay, thought, etc.; (3) Do not read other peoples’ entries before drafting your own (it will taint the experience); (4) Post entries to “Comments” by clicking on the “Comments” link in the upper right-hand corner of the post (if comments have already been made, it will say the number of comments (i.e. “4 Comments”).  Click on that “Comments” link, scroll to the bottom, and submit your new comment);  (5) At the end of the day, all entries will be archived and a new word will be posted (but feel free to go back and create a message if any of the old posts spark your interest).  Whether you are here to create literature, or merely appreciate the efforts of others, participation on any level is encouraged.  And if you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong.


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