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  1. stewartparker

    Decide to believe in something. Anything. It doesn’t really matter.

    Surround yourself with people that believe in that same thing. Only people that believe in that same thing.

    At least once a month, stand up in front of each other and tell each other how much you believe in that thing.

    Only read books about the thing. Written by people who believe in the thing. Only listen to music about the thing. Only think thoughts that conform with your perpetual, unwavering belief in the thing.

    If you ever start to doubt the thing, convince yourself that that doubt comes from some opposing force that does not want you to believe in that thing.

    Convince yourself that the more you doubt the thing, the more that opposing force is acting upon you, and anything worth doubting that much has somehow got to be true.

    If you feel unsure, just believe. No matter how much logic or reason or sentiment compel you to question, think otherwise, or disbelieve. Believe until you cannot believe anymore, then believe some more.

    Following this pattern, anyone can develop a deep and abiding belief in anything.

    And that is faith.

    Truth is no longer relevant.

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