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  1. stewartparker

    There is an all-girls’ college about three blocks from where I work. Until moving here, I didn’t even know these institutions still existed. I guess it’s not all “all-girls”. Apparently boys can enroll, but only if they declare themselves as theater majors. Imagine being a theater major at an all-girls’ college. From time to time, these girls can be seen, riding past the office, no doubt on their way to some artsy coffee nook to be conscientiously profound and philosophically aloof. You can’t miss them. Most of them have these old lady bicycles with Toto baskets on the back, full, no doubt, of herbal teas, cheap French knock-off cigarettes, Bronte novels and Dickinson anthologies. Ah to be young and undeclared again. The havoc I could have wreaked.

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