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  1. bed of lamb 666

    Eight bastards congregated to play the “passing the secret” game, where one person starts by whispering a statement into another person’s ear, and then this person does the same to someone else, until the “secret” has passed through everyone. The last person then says out loud what they thought was heard, and this end result, often comically, is much different than the original message.

    This exercise is often used to highlight the importance of communication, and is used by second-rate facilitators and clueless Human Resource people everywhere. Let’s begin…

    Albert: “Abraham Lincoln’s face graces the front of the nickel.”

    Vincent: “Efrem Zimbalist Junior’s disgraced frontal nudity.”

    Joan: “I framed the boondoggle facing my frontal lobotomy.”

    William: “I shat my pants at the mere thought of going into work today.” (there is one in every group)

    George: “I walked through the parking lot and sighed. I just sighed. Heavy, like my lungs were filled with stones. I wish I could just give up.”

    Catherine: “There are these moments in my life where I am very aware of my breath, the temperature around my skin, the weight in my eyes. This is one of those moments. And it seems these tiniest of conscious flickerings overemphasize the troubles around me. I mean, hating my job really is nothing new in the big scheme of things, but right now, it’s overwhelming me until I…”

    Isaac: “…feel like I am going to explode. No, cancel that. Just crumple. I need a good crumple. A good, tragic crumple. Not into a bed or sofa, but right onto the pavement. So people will have to walk around me, carrying their goddamn cupcakes on their way to their goddamn meetings where no one does any real work, but sit around and posture and make up things to do so they can exert some sense of power and control. Sometimes I sit there and wish it were time for the sun to flame out, and this whole planet would sputter and shrivel and then their pretend feelings and caring will be so wonderfully useless, and then, and only then, will I have one of their cupcakes. The earth will begin to rot, and I will be helping myself to a cupcake and licking the frosting off the floor if I have to.”

    Charles: “One day, the sun will die, and so will earth? Is that what you said? If I only had a nickel every time I thought that.”

  2. stewartparker

    When I was in 3rd grade, I used to walk to and from school. Usually I brought my lunch, and usually it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Over the course of my education, I have probably eaten thousands, if not tens of thousands, of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You’d think I would get sick of them, but that is not the case. On the contrary, I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There is something so familiar and comforting about them. Plus they’re delicious. To this day, I can’t go more than about a week without eating one, and I usually eat them much more frequently than that.

    Sometimes I would not bring my lunch. We had a lunch menu on our fridge, and if they were serving something good, like pizza, or chicken nuggets, or chicken chop suey, my mom would give me a dollar, and I would buy my lunch. Lunch cost 90 cents, and I would get ten cents in return. Usually a dime.

    I was supposed to bring home the change. More often than not, though, I would take that dime, and rather than go straight home, I would sneak to this little convenience store down the road called “Spencer’s Market.” I thought the name was cool, and there were individual candies you could buy for ten cents: Jolly Ranchers (the big sticks, not the little hard candies), 4-packs of Now ‘n Laters, and big pieces of Double Bubble gum.

    One day I bought my lunch, and rather than a dime, I got two nickels. Somehow, over the course of the day, I lost one of them. Probably at recess. Undeterred, when school let out, I headed for the market. I eyed the containers of candy, deciding what I wanted. The owner came over to help me, and I boldly asked him “what can I get for this?” (holding up my nickel).
    “How’d you like a knuckle sandwich?” he responded, his fist raised in mocking menace.
    “Not very well, I don’t think,” I said. Even at 8, I was kind of a smart ass.
    “Take this and get out of here,” he said, chucking me one the pieces of bubble gum. “But next time, you better have the full ten.”
    I felt more than a little indignant, and thought about telling him what my name was, but decided to let it go. I had my gum. And I had other things on my mind.

    How was I going to tell my mom I had lost my change again?

    I chomped my gum and pondered as I walked home.

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