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4 responses to “Fingers

  1. bed of lamb 666

    Like the asphalt. Like the concrete. Like the man-made suffering.

    Everything I hit hurts me even more. Like a black and white photograph, and never getting it back.

    There’s a cough coming from the hallway.
    There’s deception in the air.
    These uncomfortable moments. Desperation without reason.

    Like the bruise on my knee. Like the dirt on my windshield. Like the sun giving up for the day.

    Everything I hit hurts me even more. Like a dislodged memory, and never getting it back.

    There’s a whisper but no secret.
    There’s a whimper but no tears.
    These useless fingers. Moving the dust.

  2. stewartparker

    I am intrigued by the connection between thoughts and actions. Do you really have to think something before you can do it? On some biological, neuro-scientific level, perhaps. But I have acted on impulse. I have done things I never would have thought myself capable of thinking, much less doing. If there is nothing but pure desire between the impulse and the action, does that constitute a thought, or is that just what they want you to think, a tool in the arsenal of the puritanical guilt machine?

    Because my fingers have done things the conscious mind would never allow, and all I can do is look at them in disgust and ask “how could you?”

  3. Allison

    Through the darkness
    Icy fingers
    Choke the blackness
    Grip my throat
    Pull me under
    To a place
    Where nightmares dream
    Of never waking.

  4. Surly Temple

    which one?

    two hands extended
    fingers folded up like a murphy bed

    abby chooses the one on her right
    since it is closer to his heart

    only to find that when he shows her the contents
    both are empty.

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