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3 responses to “Thunder

  1. stewartparker

    Coming back to work
    After 3 impossibly short days of vacation
    The thunder clouds looming in the distance
    Mimic my sentiments PERFECTLY.

  2. Surly Temple

    My sister and I love Wal-Mart’s* off-brand diet Dr. Pepper substitute, Dr. Thunder. Not only is it delicious and absolutely calorie free, I cannot believe there is anyone in the world who would not be seduced by a food that EVERY SINGLE TIME you near the ‘snick’ of the soda can opening you start chanting “Thunda! aaaaaaaaah! Thunda!” like Brian Johnson. Because the only thing better than a crisp, cold, refreshing calorie-free caffeine-loaded beverage is, in fact, my sister’s impersonation of AC/DC.

    *Yes. I know it’s the devil. I know that Wal-Mart has eliminated mom and pop stores, sabotaged the economy, industrialized rain forests, exploited workers, punched out little old ladies, shaken babies, sacrificed blood to the dark gods, euthanized pigeons, and worn white after Labor Day. But I don’t want to hear it, people. You’ve been to one, too, when nobody else in town was stocking Ben & Jerry’s Vermonty Python, perhaps. I won’t judge you**, you won’t judge me. Accept it and move on.

    **Except not really, because we all know that I will judge everything harshly and find it wanting. EXCEPT FOR DIET DR. THUNDER. Available at Wal-Mart.

  3. bed of lamb 666

    Who wants to go swimming with me?
    Who wants to go swimming naked with me?
    We’ll go in the hottest part of the day and lay on the rocks later but I‘ll put my shorts back on.
    I don’t need a drink, I just don’t want to drive.
    Can you drive? I don’t want to see what time it is, I don’t care if you sing out loud.
    It’ll be just us and I wish I could draw like you. Can you draw me an anime God?
    We’ll swim and each wonder in our separate ways what it would be like to live here.
    Pray to the anime God. Listen…
    Aching skies give us thunder and we hope for a miracle in our lifetimes. Something more powerful than logic and modesty.

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