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2 responses to “tune

  1. bed of lamb 666

    I have an angry tune. I have these balled-up fingers. I have no listening skills. I have a glaring forehead. I have a walking speedy. I am making up an escape plan as I go along. I don’t want to hit anyone, just tear their playhouse down. And talk sternly, like plain old man waiting for his mail and the postman is ten minutes late. I hope they feel the wrong, the pain, the shame, the guilt. I hope they give up. I hope they see my logic through stationary windowpanes.

    I have an angry tune. I have a rabid cello. I am walking faster. I have warm temples and pillow curses. I have drizzle eyes. I have the arrogance of principles. I have the integrity of bottled water. I am bad for the environment.

    I have an angry tune. I sing with my mouth closed and my eyes splintered. I sing off-key off-kilter. I can feel my head bob as I walk. I cannot keep the world from moving. I stop. I am nowhere I want to be. All I have is my angry tune. I know this radio station will play the sad song next.

  2. stewartparker

    The voices in my head
    Sing in perfect tune
    With the chorus in some ancient Greek tragedy
    That has not been written yet.

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