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2 responses to “Razor

  1. stewartparker

    “Do you think love is like a razor or a pocket knife?”
    “On what?”
    “Well how sharp’s the pocket knife?”
    “Good point.”
    “Because sometimes love is like an old pocket knife. The blade sticks, and it’s dull, and it’s not very good at cutting stuff. But it’s familiar, and you’ve always had it. It’s just your pocket knife.”
    “A razor, on the other hand, is precise and efficient. Sometimes it just sneaks in and slices things all up, but it’s so sharp that you don’t even feel it. It does a whole lot of damage, but you don’t notice until it’s too late.”
    “Okay, so which is it?”
    “And then other times, you’re getting all used to your pocket knife, like one blade, but then one day somebody whips out the screwdriver, or the nail file, or the little magnifying glass, and you’re like ‘now wait a second, what was that, and where did it come from?'”
    “But then sometimes razors get really dull, like when your girlfriend uses it in the shower to shave her legs, and then you keep nicking yourself, but you don’t know why, though you never say anything, and if it’s disposable, then you just throw it away, but otherwise you have to get a new one, which is expensive, and you have to track someone down to let you into the little glass case they keep them in, and even then, you have to worry about cutting yourself when you’re replacing it and what to do with the old one.”
    “I’m afraid you lost me.”
    “I thought you asked me what love was like.”
    “I did.”
    “Well that’s what it’s like.”

    And strangely, somehow, that makes sense.

  2. bed of lamb 666

    Jackal woke, grabbed a pen and a business card off the night stand, and wrote:

    Pity for inconsequence
    Pithy replacing depth
    The lack of faith in all that breathes
    A razor laid to rest

    He made sure he could read it; the print was small enough to fit on the card and a bit unkempt from the morning drawl. Jackal pulled the covers back up to his cheek. He could hear the G, C, and D. Because that is all he could hear. Maybe throw in an A minor because it’s easy.

    Useless, but easy. He broke wind in the key of C.

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