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2 responses to “Six

  1. bedlam1313

    One. I will focus today. I will only do a handful of things. Not one hundred. Not ten. Not six. Just five. The first order of the day is to make this list.

    Two. I will stop lying today. Or try not to lie as much. Who am I kidding, I never do a hundred things in a day anyway. Not anything useful or productive or significant. Hell, doing five things is probably four more than I usually do, and that includes getting out of bed as one.

    Three. I will try not to do any work at work today. I do nothing of any value or meaning anyway, not even the slightest hint of actually helping anyone make their life better or even helping the company doing a better job of screwing people out of their money. So today, I am going to celebrate my corporate worthlessness and hide in the bathroom stall until I get tired of the pooping noises and then visit people and hang out at their desk and we can complain about the usual things like parking policies and loud poopers.

    Four. I will put myself to sleep tonight by imagining better days, all in the future, and recall nothing about the past. I think it was Churchill or Ted Danson who once said “I have learned from the mistakes in my past and I am horribly embarrassed and have banished such memories from my mind. Now fetch me amphetamines.”

    Five. Rekindle lying. Tell myself I will do a million great things tomorrow. I will start a new career and recycle plastics and volunteer to pet a kitten and topple an evil industry magnate and stop watching VH1 and eat lard and not return phone calls or email and give just about everyone who walks by a middle finger hidden under my desk and consistently deny coming to peace with the bastard that I am.

  2. stewartparker


    Too early in the morning. A pretty fast mile. Half a dozen.

    Also, apparently, the number of degrees of separation between me and any other person in the universe.

    How many people in the universe. 4 billion? 5 billion? 6 billion (wouldn’t that be ironic, in its way)?

    And what represents a degree? Is it a “knows someone who knows someone,” or, rather, a “knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who is someone?” Or did I miss a “who knows someone?”

    6 billion people in the world, and there are only 6 people between us.

    How many between you and I? Do we need a full 6? Who are they? What are their stories?

    And wouldn’t it be nice if there was only 1?


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