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3 responses to “Yellow

  1. Karen P.

    Sometimes I feel yellow. As in the cartoon sense. All my fears and anxieties and insecurities like a big yellow stripe painted down my back. For all the world to see. I did not used to be such a coward. But then life happens. Your heart gets broken. And broken again. Your dreams get trampled by the unrelenting march of practicality, stability, eventuality. The siren song of “you can do anything you want to do” / “be anything you want to be” fades slowly to a whisper as life’s ship sails by, so swift on its equatorial journey that you feel sometimes like you are standing perfectly still. Not going anywhere. Like you haven’t done anything at all. But you have. And then you haven’t. And in the end all you can do is ask yourself “what happened?”

  2. Allison

    Were I the yellow-haired girl
    (and not the raven-eyed child)
    on his pedestal,
    perhaps I could grace
    his universe of fancy.

    But as we are only who we are,
    loved only when we are loved,
    and not more,
    I shall sit back
    and appreciate the glow
    that admiration casts,
    even when you are not its object.

  3. stewartparker

    I love books,
    All kinds of books,
    Yellowed pages,
    Crisp and
    New and
    For all ages.
    School books,
    I love books.

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