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3 responses to “Feather

  1. Surly Temple

    Wishes become real in the night;
    Anything is possible during the witching hour–
    Fantasies are at their most probable when silvered by moonlight
    Could-it-be becomes surely-it-will
    And then you realize hope does have feathers
    When you watch it fly away in the early-morning dawn

  2. stewartparker

    Marcus: “Well there’s a feather in your cap.”
    Henry: “What do you mean?”
    Marcus: “Just what I said.”
    Henry: “Meaning?”
    Marcus: “What I said: ‘Well there’s a…’ ”
    Henry: “Yes, yes, I know what you said, but what does that mean?”
    Marcus: “It means. Well. It means what it means. Just like I said. Do you mean to tell me you don’t know what it means?”
    Henry: “Oh, I know what it means. I just don’t know what you mean.”
    Marcus: “Well, you know.”
    Henry: “No, I don’t.”
    Marcus: “You know. I meant what it means. I said what I said. It meant what it means. So I meant what I said.”
    Henry: “No. I know what it means, and I know what you said. But I still don’t know what you mean. By what you said. What you meant. I don’t take your meaning.”
    Marcus: “Well, now, what does that mean?”
    Henry: “What does what mean?”
    Marcus: “What does that mean ‘I don’t take your meaning’?”
    Henry: “It means what I said. I know what you said and I know what it means, but I don’t know what you mean by what you said. I don’t take your meaning.”
    Marcus: “But I told you what I mean. I meant what I said. What what I said means is what I meant by what I said.”
    Henry: “Which is?”
    Marcus: “What do you mean ‘which is’?”
    Henry: “Okay. You said that what you mean is what is meant by what you said. What you said means what it means. You say you meant what you said. So by saying what you said you say you meant what what you said means. You said. What is that?”
    Marcus: “What is what?”
    Henry: “Ahhh. What did you mean? By what you said? What does what you said mean? To you?”
    Marcus: “What does it mean?”
    Henry: “Yes.”
    Marcus: “To me?”
    Henry: “Yes.”
    Marcus: “Well, I’m afraid I don’t take your meaning?”
    Henry: “What? Are you trying to get smart with me now?”
    Marcus: “Sound smart. Yes, certainly.”
    Henry: “You’re trying to sound smart?”
    Marcus: “Yes.”
    Henry: “By not saying what you say you mean or meaning what you mean you said?”
    Marcus: “Right.”
    Henry: “And how would you say that is going?”
    Marcus: “Swimmingly.”
    Henry: “Oh really?”
    Marcus: “Really.”
    Henry: “But aren’t you, in fact, saying things you don’t mean?”
    Marcus: “I didn’t say anything I didn’t mean. I told you, I meant what I said.”
    Henry: “I know what you said. I know what what you said means. And yet, you can’t seem to tell me what what you said means to you. So I can only assume you don’t know what it means. Do you know what I mean? Do you know what you meant?”
    Marcus: “I know what I meant.”
    Henry: “Well what did you mean, then?”
    Marcus: “I meant to sound smart.”
    Henry: “You meant to sound smart?”
    Marcus: “I thought it sounded British.”
    Henry: “You thought what sounded British?”
    Marcus: “I thought it sounded British. What I said. About the feather. I wanted to sound British. British and smart.”
    Henry: “You wanted to sound British? British, and therefore smart?”
    Marcus: “Right.”
    Henry: “Because all British people are smart?”
    Marcus: “They all sound smart, certainly.”
    Henry: “And you thought that if you sounded British you would sound smart, even if you didn’t know what what you said meant?”
    Marcus: “That was the hope, yes.”
    Henry: “Even if what you said was not British. Or didn’t sound British to anyone else”
    Marcus: “I said it sounded British to me.”
    Henry: “So what you meant to say by what you said was to sound smart by saying something that sounded smart to you, even though you didn’t know what it meant, and therefore couldn’t mean what you said, not knowing what what you said meant, therefore not meaning what you meant or saying what you meant by saying what you said? Is that what you said?”
    Marcus: “Right.”
    Henry: “You are such an idiot.”

  3. Allison

    Feathered shadows
    Kiss dew drop’s moon beam
    From the darkened hollow
    Of yesterday’s tomorrow
    Forgotten dalliance
    Of the windswept sun-storm
    That is forgiven reason
    For forgotten sorrow.

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